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NISE Network Evaluation


Mark St. John, Jenifer V. Helms, Pam Castori, Judy Hirabayashi, Laurie Lopez, Michelle Phillips, and Inverness Research Inc.


The documents enclosed in this report provide a comprehensive and systematic review of the progress made in developing a network organization capable of supporting nanoscience education for the public on a national scale.

There is a logic to the studies that were done and to the reports that are included in this notebook.  The diagram below highlights the dimensions of the network our evaluation addressed: 

NISE Network Graphic

At the center and the heart of the network is the network organization with its leadership and administration.  This network organization supports a set of “hubs” that connects to the more than one-hundred institutions that form the broader NISE Network membership.  And, finally, the entirety of the NISE Network interfaces with the much broader fields of informal science education institutions and science research institutions. 

The reports are similarly organized in this notebook, moving from the center outwards, to provide perspectives on the NISE Network.

The reports that comprise the NISE Network evaluation are:

1) The Development of the NISE Network - A Summary Report

2) Supportive Reports

A) Interview Summary with Hub Leaders
B) Summary of Interviews with Regional Workshop Participants
C) Vignettes: Stories of Institutions Engaged with NISE Net
D) Interview Study with Scientists
E) Reach and Impact Study
F) Field Study

Intended Audience

Museum Educators, Science Educators and Administrators, Reform Leaders and Funders, and general public.


Any and all errors are claimed by the authors of this document, Inverness Research, Inc.

Date published

May 2009

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Inverness Research Inc. grants permission to print and distribute copies.

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